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So very proud to have my poem, November Praise published in this wonderful anthology. I thank James Crews for including my work. The anthology also includes work by Ted Kooser, Ross Gay, Natalie goldberg, Naomi shihad Nye, Dorianne Laux, Joy Harjo, Jane Hirshfield, Tony Hoagland, and many other fantastic writers.



My new Jazz Fusion album has been released. You can listen to it for free by clicking on the cover below. 

I have a new flash fiction piece called Unmade Beds over at Litro Magazine. Check it out Here:

Many people have often said that they like to hear me read my poems just as much as they like the poems themselves.

So I decided to record a spoken word album. It contains recordings of some "fan favorites" as well as some new work. It also includes snippets of interviews I've done for radio and podcast shows, and there are two musical interludes included.

If you click on where it says "lyrics" you can even read along with the poems. And the best part, you can listen to the album for FREE! Though you do have the option to toss a few coins my way if you wish. This is where you can put that belief in supporting local artists to good use.

You can find it here by clicking below:

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