My third poetry collection, Love Something, is forthcoming from Main Street Rag Publishing in the Fall of 2022. 

It will sell for $15 + shipping, but you can get it for $9+ by placing an advance discount order at the MSR Online Bookstore before it goes to press.


Here’s a link directly to my author’s page:

In Love Something, Stewart reveals a bitter, sometimes monstrous personal history softened by compassion. For all he, his family, even country have suffered, this poet has chosen a life which refuses to be wasted. Stewart writes with a clarity of image and pacing which allows joining his pain, anecdotes, celebrations and humor to feel irresistible and welcome. Reading this book is as natural as curiosity and says love all you are able. ~Jody (Pamela) Stewart, author of Infrequent Mysteries, The Red Window, & Ghost Farm )




The smell of ferns and understory 

after rain. The tick, tick, of stove, 


flame under kettle. Bing Crosby,

and not just the Christmas records.


Cooking meat slowly off the bone, 

and every kind of soup and stew. 


To come this close to nostalgia,

but go no further, leaving behind 


the boy who wore loneliness 

like boots too big for his feet. 


That time of evening, 

when everything turns blue 


in moonlight, when darkness 

has yet to consume all for itself.

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