Though this poem has nothing to do with jazz I could still title this blog JAZZ POETRY #2.5 for the simple fact that it's a William Matthews poem. With poems such as "Mingus at The Showplace," "Blues for John Coltrane, Dead At 41," "Bud Powell, Paris 1959," and countless others, he became one of the best poets to write about, and to be influenced by jazz.

Jazz and poetry are my two greatest loves, and I love when they come together so beautifully, but unfortunately, so many times the marriage falls apart even before they start dating.

In my oppinion, the jazz poems that try too hard to capture jazz rhythms, or the sound of jazz more often than not end up trite and full of cheese. There are many jazz poems, like beat poetry, or spoken word that may be entertaining when heard live from a stage, but fails to translate to the page. It's those poems that speak of jazz without trying to be jazz I love the most, but none of this has to do with Matthews' Misgivings.

#williammatthews #misgivings #jazz #poetry #jazzpoetry

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