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Chanel Dubofsky tagged me, and you can read her answers here.

Here are my answers:

What are you working on?

After fourteen years, my full-length collection, “Passage to the Orchards” has been picked up by Hedgerow Books. There’s still some editing and revising to be done on the book, so I’ll soon be working on that, but once that’s done I expect to be dealing with some major empty nest syndrome. In the meantime I’ve been writing new poems. I’ve been actually quite productive for a change. The poems are not of any particular theme or anything, just whatever comes to me when I sit down to write. That’s how it’s always been. I’ve been reading a lot of Language poets, Jazz poets & poets of the New York School. Much of what I’ve been writing has been influenced by these styles, and a mix of these styles.

How does your work differ from others in its genre?

Mine is kick-ass. Seriously, can anyone really answer this without sounding pretentious? I never liked the phrase, “Be original.” I think it’s bullshit. You can’t really make it new. You can only steal in your own unique way.

Why do you write what you do?

I’ve been writing creatively in one form or another since I was six-years-old. I don’t know life without it, and I couldn’t imagine a life without it. It is. I like creating worlds, playing God. I love holding in my hands a living thing that wouldn’t have existed without me. It’s all about immortality. All art says the same thing: I’m here.

What is your writing Process?

The writing must start in the shoulder and in the joints of the fingers, and the feel and crackly sound of real paper must be present. In other words, it must always start with a pen to paper, but once I get something rolling I switch (and must switch) to the computer. Revising works the same way. I need to see it on hardcopy first, slice it with a red pen and then move back to the computer. However, all of this is proceeded by hours, if not days of staring at a black page while in a fetal position, shaking my defeated fist at the ghost hanging from the ceiling.

Tagged: Poet & Editor, Laura E. Davis. Read her blog Here. And poet, Jessica Suzanne Reidy. Her Blog be Here.

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